Furs should be stored for the summer in a cool, dry environment, advises Sandy Blye, executive vice president of the American Fur Industry.

"A fur left hanging in a hot closet all summer can be devastated by heat, and heat will greatly affect a fur's longevity," she warns, offering these guidelines for proper care and storage of furs:- Never store the fur in a plastic bag. Plastic prevents air from circulating and can dry out the leather.

- Ideal storage temperature for furs is 45 F with a 55 percent humidity level, commonly known as "cold storage," which is usually available from local furriers.

- Never mothproof furs with chemical sprays. Have your furs cleaned annually by a fur specialist. Professional cleaning removes dirt, keeps leather soft and brings back the fur's original luster.

- Check your insurance policy before sending your furs to storage to make sure they are covered when stored off premises. Photo-document your furs before storing as a precaution in the event of a loss or mixup.

- Examine your fur before storing and have any small rips or tears repaired immediately.

- Always hang your fur garment on a broad-shouldered hanger, giving it enough room in a closet so that the fur isn't crushed.