An Oregon blood-spatter expert testified "with certainty" that Sam Kastanis killed his wife and three children.

But defense attorney Ron Yengich on Tuesday called attention to the fact that Rod Englert, hired by the Salt Lake County attorney's office, joined the investigation five months after the Nov. 17 killings and is being paid for his testimony.Responding to Yengich's cross examination, Englert said he has worked 165 hours on the case so far and is being paid $150 an hour for his work. The bill to the county at that rate would total $24,750 so far.

Englert began his testimony Thursday and is considered the prosecution's star witness.

Yengich asked Englert about two other blood-spatter experts who had investigated the case before him. Englert said a California expert was unable to reach a conclusion about the crime. The other expert, West Valley homicide detective Ron Edwards, is scheduled to testify later at a preliminary hearing before 3rd Circuit Judge Michael Hutchings, who will decide whether to order Kastanis to stand trial on four counts of capital murder.