Federal agents completed four-day search of financial records at Blinder, Robinson & Co. last week, and police said a craps table and slot machine were seized from the penny stock brokerage firm.

The company's staff of 150 have been allowed to resume normal operations after Internal Revenue Service agents finished examining thousands of documents concerning 16 companies and 53 investors.IRS and Securities and Exchange Commission agents first entered Blinder's office the morning of Nov. 19 on a warrant issued by the U.S. attorney's office in Denver, and they have refused to comment on the raid. Blinder executives said the warrant was based on an affidavit from an IRS agent in Las Vegas.

No charges have been filed against Blinder, Robinson, and the company's name did not appear on the search warrant.

Police revealed that they seized the table and nickel slot machine from brokerage owner Meyer Blinder's 10th floor penthouse office during the weekend raid.

While Blinder officials describe them as collector's items, possession of the gambling devices could mean added trouble for the penny-stock magnate .

Blinder faces an investigation of a possible misdemeanor violation of Colorado's gambling laws and deeper scrutiny from the Nevada Gaming Commission, which is reviewing his license application for the proposed Cattle Baron casino in Henderson, Nev., authorities said.