More than 50 top quarter horses, paint horses and thoroughbreds will be auctioned Feb. 25 in the Grand Ballroom of Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City at the third annual Top of the West Supreme Classic Quarter and Paint Horse Sale.

As many as 4,000 people from all over the United States and Canada are expected to attend the all-day affair. Veterinary seminars will begin at 9 a.m., followed by fashion shows and commercial exhibits. The three- to four-hour horse sale will start at 1 p.m.Sponsored by RMA Sales Management Co., Emery, Emery County, the auction will be directed by Randy M. Anderson and his wife, Shelia.

They said a special wooden floor is being built for the ballroom. It will be covered by roofing paper and then a layer of wood chips for the championship-class horses to stand on.

Those who would like more information about the sale can contract the Andersons in Emery at 286-2281.