Each year more and more people don't come to the Children's Museum of Utah's holiday fund-raiser, and that's just how the museum likes it.

The way the museum's board of directors figure it, Utahns are already too busy around Christmas time to fit one more event into their schedules. So the museum invites people to NOT attend "The No Ball At All."

The money they would have spent getting dressed up and going to a real ball is then donated to the museum.

"Relax in your favorite chair," suggests the invitation. "Park in your own garage. Dance to your own music. Tie optional."

Scott Matheson especially likes the tie optional part, says wife Norma, a founding member of the museum board. She and the former governor are attending/not attending The No Ball At All by spending a quiet evening in front of the fire in their family room.

"If people would really mean it, and set aside an evening just to stay home, then they really would be giving themselves a treat," notes Matheson.

The fifth annual No Ball At All will raise funds for the children's museum's school-sponsorships program, which helps subsidize museum tours for Utah school children. By raising funds, the museum can avoid increasing the admission price, explains Matheson.

A donation of $12.50 sponsors 15 school children; $52.50 sponsors a class; $105 pays for two class visits; and $262.50 covers five classes.

The Children's Museum of Utah, located at 840 N. 300 West, is a hands-on museum featuring workshops, demonstrations and standing interacive exhibits in which kids can dig for dinosaur bones, implant an artificial heart, work in a bank, see what it's like to be confined to a wheelchair, and much more.