The City Council still wants to get the city out of the dark but has decided street lights might be a better option than the previously required yard lights.

The change is also expected to save affected city residents a little on their electric bills, although the service will not be entirely free.The city formerly required new subdivisions to include automatic yard lights on each lot. The intent was to provide well-lighted neighborhoods. City officials say that while the idea was good, the practical result was not, since many residents have failed to replace burned out lights. Also, many complained about the additional cost on utility bills.

The council now has adopted a policy involving regular street lights. Under this policy, the yard lights are eliminated but residents of the affected subdivision will be assessed a $1.50 monthly fee on the city utility bill to pay the cost of operating the street lights. The first area that will be affected is the Georgetown Manor subdivision that will be formally connected this month. Other subdivisions scheduled for the new system include Peach Blossom, Meadow Moor and Country Park.