Despite a rejection notice by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Forest Service will continue its efforts to attract inmate work camps at St. Anthony and two sites in Utah.

"We haven't given up," said both Targhee National Forest Supervisor John Burns and Regional Human Resource Coordinator Gene Watson.The Forest Service's Intermountain Region was notified Nov. 7 that St. Anthony and sites at Delta and Brigham City in Utah are no longer considered for prison work camps.

In a letter to the Forest Service, "Sam" Samples, the chairman of the committee looking for minimum-security sites across the country, said "thanks, but no thanks," Watson said.

"He said, in essence, his committee is pleased with the proposal but the major need for prison expansion is in California and in the southeast portion of the country," Watson said.

Forest Service officials in Washington, D.C., are now dealing directly with the Bureau of Prisons - "the guys above Samples," Watson said.