The season premiere of ABC's "Roseanne," showcasing the financial hard times of the Connor family was last week's most popular prime time show, according to A.C. Nielsen Co. ratings.

CBS won the week, averaging a 12.8 rating and a 22 share. ABC, despite having five of the Top 10 shows, was second with an 11.9 rating and a 21 share; NBC had a 10.4 rating, 18 share.Fox Broadcasting Co., with 12 hours of prime time shows, had a 7.1 rating, 12 share.

One ratings point equals one percent, or 931,000 homes, of the 93.1 million TV households. Share is the percentage of TV sets in use that are tuned in at a given time.

A special preview of Delta Burke's new ABC sitcom, "Delta," was No. 2 in the ratings, but Thursday's premiere slipped to 46th place. A pair of "Murphy Brown" repeats finished fifth and seventh in the week ending Sept. 20.

CBS' political comedy "Hearts Afire," at 13th, was the only other new show in the Top 20.

NBC's Golden Girls, reconstituted on CBS in "Golden Palace" were 24th. ABC's "Going to Extremes" at 32nd, was down from eighth the week before.

At 43rd, CBS' "The Hat Squad," action-adventure from Stephen J. Cannell, was the last new show in the Top 50.

ABC's "Camp Wilder" debuted at 59th. "Martin," new on Fox, tied for 61st with the live comedy "Roc." NBC's "Out All Night" bowed at 64th, tied with NBC's "Law and Order."

Aaron Spelling's "Round Table" premiered at 68th; NBC's reality show "Final Appeal" was 69th; NBC's "Here and Now," starring Malcolm-Jamal Warner, was 70th; CBS' "Middle Ages" was 75th.

"Frannie's Turn" on CBS premiered at 78; Fox's "Flying Blind" slipped from 53rd to 79th, and "Edge," Fox's sketch comedy show, bowed at 82nd.

In the nightly news ratings, ABC's "World News Tonight" was No. 1 with a 9.4 rating; "CBS Evening News" was second, with an 8.1 rating, and "NBC Nightly News trailed with a 7.5 rating.

The Top 10 television shows and ratings: 1. "Roseanne," ABC, 24.7; 2. "Delta," ABC, 20.5; 3. (tie) "Home Improvement," ABC, and "60 Minutes," CBS, 18.6; 5. "Murphy Brown," CBS, 18.0; 6. "Murder, She Wrote," CBS, 17.3; 7. "Murphy Brown," CBS, 16.7; 8. "Coach," ABC, 16.5; 9. "PrimeTime Live," ABC, 15.9; 10. "Miss America Pageant," NBC, 15.6.