Irish actor Richard Harris said Wednesday he has spent three years "ducking bombs" from the Irish Republican Army since launching a personal crusade against its American fund-raisers. Harris, 58, said during a High Court libel hearing in London that he frequently gets death threats and receives police protection during his visits to London. "Someone has to make a stand against the IRA," Harris said. "The killing must stop. I've had six threats on my life so far this year and now they will start again because of what I am saying." Harris has addressed Irish-American audiences in the United States in a bid to halt financial support for violent causes in Northern Ireland. Harris made his revelations under cross-examination by lawyer Richard Hartley, who is defending the tabloid Star newspaper against claims that it libeled Harris. Harris said the newspaper falsely implied that he used his own "half-baked or amateurish" methods in attempting to cure his son Jamie's addiction to heroin. He added that he never gave on-the-record interviews about his private life.