The Vision Interfaith Satellite Network (VISN), originally scheduled to begin programming along the Wasatch Front Oct. 3, is now in full operation.

Subscribers to TCI Cablevision of Utah and Insight Cablevision can now receive the interfaith programs daily from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Deseret News' subscribers will find VISN program listings every Sunday in "TV Week Magazine" and in the daily television listings.Ron Groslie, local marketing director of Insight Cablevision, said the video cypher they had been waiting for finally arrived. It has been installed, and the VISN programs began several days ago.

VISN was created by the National Interfaith Cable Coalition, a group of 19 mainline denominations, to provide religious programming and value-oriented shows.

The new cable station is based in the Trinity Episcopal Church of New York and will include programming from 13 denominations, including Jewish, Roman Catholic, Protestant and LDS productions. They will offer talk shows, dramas, religious worship services and other programs.

Chief Executive Officer Wilford V. Bane Jr. said, "VISN offers programming that provides entertaining and thought-provoking alternatives to ordinary television, even for viewers without strong religious convictions."

Some of the programs will be "Moments in Time," a series of topics such as medical ethics, spouse abuse, anti-Semitism, etc.; "This is the Life," produced by the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod; "Insight," from the Paulist Fathers; and "Westbrook Hospital" from the Seventh-Day Adventists. LDS programs will focus on family topics and dramatic presentations with broad appeal.