Two people were booked into jail Saturday afternoon after police spotted three people running down West Temple, including one with a shotgun in his hand.

Salt Lake Police Lt. Tom Brown said police were still trying to sort out the incident Saturday night, but they believe it occurred like this:Three men and a woman were traveling in an automobile near Eighth South and West Temple when one of the men produced a shotgun and demanded the driver pull over and give him the car.

A struggle ensued and the shotgun discharged, blowing a hole in the back seat of the car, Brown said. The driver stopped the car and one unarmed man jumped out and began to run down the middle of West Temple.

Brown said the woman and a man with a gun in his hand then jumped out and began to chase the other man down the street. A Salt Lake police officer spotted the trio and stopped the chase. While the officer was questioning the people, the gunman attempted to hide his shotgun in the snow, Brown said.

"While we were sorting all of this out, trying to figure out who's telling the truth, the driver gets in his car and leaves the area," Brown said.

Brown said all four people were transients. The gunman and the woman were booked into jail for investigation of attempted aggravated robbery.