Environmental analysis will be completed within the next six months for six major projects planned next summer for the Loa Ranger District of the Fishlake National Forest.

A variety of projects, ranging from improving fish habitat to weed control and water and campground development, will be conducted at Lake Creek, Fish Lake, Neff's Reservoir and on Fish Lake Hightop and Mytoge Mountain:- Installation of two fish barriers on the Lake Creek drainage between Fish Lake and Johnson Valley Reservoir. The purpose is to prevent movement of Utah suckers into the reservoir.

- Officials are planning to control moss growth at Fish Lake to provide better lake access for boats and improve fishing quality. Moss problems have hampered late summer and fall fishing in the lake for many years.

- A prescribed fire plan for Hens Peak on Thousand Lake Mountain will consist of burning about 640 acres to rejuvenate the native grasses. This will result in increased quality and quantity for forage for wildlife and livestock.

- Noxious weeds are creating problems on Thousand Lake Mountain, so forest officials plan an initial treatment of up to 30 acres that are heavily infested with musk and Canada thistle. Banvil and 2-4-D chemicals will be used.

- Construction of a parking area, unloading ramps, tie racks, a water trough and restrooms is planned for the Tasha Canyon Trailhead and Equestrian Campground. The campground will be expanded for an additional six to eight family units with tables, fire rings, tent pads and parking spurs. Each unit will also include stalls for four horses. The facilities serve stockmen and hikers on the Fish Lake Hightop and Mytoge Mountain areas.

- Installation of a 1,700-foot pipeline to replace open ditches from Neff's Reservoir. The line will transmit water for which a livestock permittee has legal water rights.