Do you have questions about completing your general education courses? Do you know when required courses are being taught? Are you on track with your academic major?

Southern Utah State students are encouraged to see an academic adviser for help with such questions as they prepare to register for winter quarter classes."Even if a student does not have specific questions or problems, it is still wise to consult with an academic adviser prior to registration," reminds Provost Terry Alger. "Since SUSC offers some courses only once a year, or once every other year, it is critical to see an adviser and to know the sequence or schedule of all classes."

Working with an adviser helps students focus on their academic majors and to stay on the right academic track. It also helps them make certain they are completing the required general education courses.

If a student has selected a major, he or she can contact the major area department to be assigned an academic adviser. Students with undeclared majors are encouraged to work with an adviser in the SUSC Counseling Center. Students can drop in the center, Administration Building 102, or telephone 586-5419, to make an appointment.

Students who want to change majors or move from undeclared to declared majors can contact the counseling center or go directly to the department that offers the new major if assistance is needed.

"Each student is ultimately responsible for his or her academic progress," Alger said, "but reviewing a prepared schedule with an adviser can help keep the student on target. It prevents the frustration that comes when a student discovers that he or she must attend one or two additional quarters because necessary courses have not been completed for the major or to fill general education requirements. I would recommend that students put together a two- or three-year schedule with their advisers so they can prepare for all possibilities."