Officials from the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources are warning that a potentially harmful chemical is being sprayed on some private wheat and barley fields in northern Utah to control the Russian wheat aphid.

Hunters looking for game in Box Elder County should not to eat animals that show unusual symptoms such as muscular incoordination, goose stepping, falling, drooping wings, tremors, hesitation in walking, immobility, convulsions or other irregularities.Hunters and others are warned not to enter fields marked with signs indicating the field has been sprayed with Disyston, which is poisonous if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Animals taken from the immediate vicinity of sprayed fields should not be eaten, Wildlife Resources officials said. People and domestic animals should not eat skin, liver or entrails of animals taken in the general area. People may get sick from eating affected animals, but officials said no known deaths have been reported from ingestion.

Anyone who harvests or sees an animal that appears to have been poisoned in the area should contact the nearest Wildlife Resources office or Jay Roberson at 530-1257. The division would like specimens of the animals to determine the extent and contamination of wildlife from the spraying, officials said.