Beginning spring quarter of 1989, several Utah Valley Community College students will have the chance to work in Walt Disney World's Cooperative Education program in Orlando, Fla.

The "co-ops" consist of 30 hours of classroom instruction in subjects such as resort hospitality, merchandise management and entertainment management.Students also spend a minimum of 30 hours per week working in the food, merchandise, tickets and transportation areas.

"This is an excellent opportunity for students to see what the world of work is all about," said Kent Phillips, supervisor of college relations for Walt Disney World Co.

Walt Disney World employs more than 27,000 people and offers co-op opportunities to nearly 2,100 students during the spring, summer and fall months.

Carl R. Johnson, cooperative education director at UVCC, said Walt Disney is just one of several companies that provide work experience for the college's students. "We place 800 students per year with more than 400 different employees."

Many of the students who participate in the Walt Disney work program are offered full-time employment after graduation.

"I think it's a marvelous opportunity for our students to work in their career field for one of the most creative companies in the world," said Johnson.