Snow means good things for Utah's tourism industry, and state officials have devised a subtle way to get that message out.

Sometime next week, the state will send letters to television weather reporters nationwide telling them that, as far as Utah is concerned, snow equals skiing."The normal weather spots from storms show cars overturned or other problems. We want to push the different angle that snow is good," said Tom Brown, an account executive with Fotheringham & Associates, the company that handles the state's winter advertising account.

Brown and state officials hope the letters will put good ideas into skiers' minds. "Because of poor snow the last two years, people are looking closely at weather conditions," Brown said.

The state tried the same tactic last year and heard reports from as far away as New York that Utah skiing was included in weather forecasts.

"This is really a cheap way to get the message out," Brown said.

State officials hope the letters will shore up slow weeks that traditionally hit Utah ski resorts toward the end of January.