Students who need to take medication while attending Davis County schools won't just need a note from Mom, but a long legal release that, among other things, releases the district from liability if the drugs cause a bad reaction.

The school board recently adopted the policy that calls for an approval form that includes a listing of the type of medication, dosage, when medication should be taken, a doctor's signature and a release of liability by a parent or guardian. A photograph of the child must also be provided with the release.The policy comes after the Legislature enacted a law that helps remove liability for dispensing medications from school districts and their employees.

The new policy establishes which school staff members are authorized to dispense medication, where medications are to kept in schools and what training the staff should have to administer medication. A list of authorized staff members is to be posted in the school office.

Medication cannot be dispensed to students unless the student's physician, dentist, nurse practitioner or physician assistant has signed and dated a statement that medication is "medically necessary," the policy says.

The school, under the policy guidelines, can stop dispensing medication after notifying the student's parents or guardians. Parents must also absolve the district of any criminal or civil liability for "any adverse reaction suffered by the student as a result of taking the medication," the policy says.

Release forms are available from all school principals.