An agreement signed this week between Davis County and a petroleum company will allow construction of a horse race track and county fairgrounds in West Farmington to proceed.

The letter of agreement was negotiated by the county with Amoco, which owns and operates a gasoline transmission pipeline running through the county from its North Salt Lake refinery.The pipeline easement runs under property in West Farmington that the county bought this summer for a fairgrounds site. It is adjacent to the site for a new jail and court complex now under construction.

Volunteer members of the county's horse club, with help from the county, are building a 5/8-mile oval track and arena on the fairgrounds site for racing.

But the track overlaps the easement and the oil company wanted to protect, its pipeline and legal rights, said deputy Davis attorney Jerry Hess, who helped negotiate the agreement.

In the letter, the county agrees not to excavate below ground level and guarantees Amoco's right to dig up the easement for repairs and improvements. It also states if the firm decides the above ground use over its pipeline interferes with the line, the use will stop.

A second petroleum firm, Chevron, also maintains a pipeline in the same easement but has not objected to the track's construction or use of the site for a fairgrounds, Commissioner Harold Tippetts said.

The 32-inch pipelines are 28 to 39 inches underground and supply finished petroleum products to the Northwestern states, Tippetts said. The county has surveyed the easement and pipe locations and marked them to prevent damage, he said.