A dispute over Clearfield's annexation and rezoning of 32 acres for a mobile home park will go before the Davis County Boundary Commission for a ruling Tuesday.

Layton has protested the annexation, the second annexation dispute this year between the two cities.The Boundary Commission will hear the protest at 6 p.m. in the County Commission Chambers in the Davis County Courthouse.

Layton is protesting the annexation on the grounds it violates state law, violates Clearfield's own master plan and was done with "improper motive and intent."

Several Clearfield residents in the area are also upset at the city's action, saying they don't want a mobile home park on the 31.94 acres on the east side of Main Street between 24th South and 27th South.

Layton officials maintain Clearfield is going ahead with the approval to get even in another annexation dispute.

Layton earlier in the summer annexed about 30 acres that Clearfield maintains should have gone to it. The annexation into Layton was at the request of the property owners, who said they have always considered themselves Layton residents and that Layton, not Clearfield, is more ready to provide utilities and other city services for their proposed development of single-family homes.

Clearfield sued to block that annexation, but 2nd District Judge Rodney S. Page recently ruled it legal.