Taking pride in their uniform is all a part of Cub Scouts for five boys in Den 3825, sponsored by the River 4th Ward in the Jordan River Stake of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

And pride has its rewards. The den members, who in recent weeks have been studying how to respect and take care of their uniform as part of receiving their Bear Badge, spent an evening watching members of the Golden Eagles hockey team, wearing a different kind of uniform.And the 9-year-old boys, Matthew Burbank, one of the den leader's three boys; Cory Carlson; Daniel Palmer; Nathan Brodale; Travis Viall, and Susanne Burbank, were recognized over the Salt Palace public address system for their efforts and interest in Scouting during a break in the Eagles-Saginaw Hawks game.

Burbank, the boys' den leader for two years, said the youngsters have "worked very hard. Each Thursday they wear their full uniform to school. They've taken a special interest in their uniform, like a soldier or an individual on a sports team."

Burbank says she has been a Cub Scout leader "for at least two years. But I'm not losing interest. They are a ball to keep up with. I love all of them."

Mark Kelly, the Eagles' public relations director, commended Mrs. Burbank and the youngsters, who were each presented a hockey stick.