Patty Hearst, the one-time hostage heiress, has quietly asked for a full presidential pardon from her bank robbery conviction and is hoping Ronald Reagan will act on the request before leaving office.

Hearst, 34, whose seven-year federal prison sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, submitted the pardon petition in Washington last August, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday.Apparently Hearst is counting on Reagan to act on the pardon before being replaced in January by George Bush, who is less familiar with her case.

Hearst maintains she became a bank robber only after being brainwashed by the radical Symbionese Liberation Army after members of the group kidnapped her in Berkeley in 1974.

Later Hearst took part in an armed robbery at a bank in San Francisco.

Hearst was released from federal prison on Feb. 1, 1979, after serving 23 months of her sentence. She has since married her former bodyguard and lives quietly in New England.