Israeli warplanes Friday attacked two bases operated by Palestinian guerrillas and Lebanese militiamen near this southern port city, and police said five people were killed and 15 wounded.

The Israeli army confirmed the raid, saying its planes destroyed a large ammunition depot before returning safely.At least four jetfighters took turns rocketing the bases on Sidon's northeastern edge in two attacks five minutes apart, a police spokesman said.

The rockets demolished a single-story building camouflaged in an olive grove, said the spokesman. He said the bases belonged to the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine headed by George Habash and the Popular Nasserite Organization, a predominantly Sunni Moslem Lebanese militia.

An adjacent one-story building used by the Popular Nasserite Organization also was damaged, according to police.

They identified the dead as three Nasserite militiamen and two Popular Front guerrillas. Among the wounded were six militiamen.

Smoke billowed from the bases, and air raid sirens were heard in Sidon and the adjacent refugee camps of Ein el-Hilweh ad Mieh Mieh, said the police spokesman.

An adjacent base for the radical Fatah-Revolutionary Council group was not hit in the raid, the spokesman said.