A total of 65,000 farm workers were employed in Utah, Colorado and Nevada during a survey week in October, according to the Utah Agricultural Statistics Service.

Utah State Statistician DelRoy J. Gneiting said this figure is about the same as a similar week in October 1987. He said the overall wage rate averaged $4.94 per hour, up 5 cents an hour from July of this year."Nationally, a total of 3.19 million persons worked on America's farms and ranches during the week of Oct. 9-15, 1988," Gneiting said. "This compares with 3.07 million workers during a comparable week in October 1987.

"The farm work force includes 1.41 million self-employed farm operators, 532,000 unpaid workers and 976,000 workers hired directly by farm operators."

Another 274,000 agricultural service employees worked on farms and ranches during the survey week."

Gneiting said the average wage rate for farm workers nationally during the survey week in October 1988 was $5.18 per hour, up 26 cents an hour from a year ago.

The lowest-paid farm workers are livestock workers whose average hourly wage in October was $4.27. Field workers made an average of $4.80 per hour, he said.