Mel Gibson, the swaggering actor who has starred in such movies as "Mad Max" and "The Year of Living Dangerously," says he is "tired of beating myself up" and has given up drinking alcohol. The New York-born, Australian-raised actor said in US magazine's Dec. 12 issue that he is instead focusing his attention on his wife, Robyn, and five children. Gibson, 37, said he made the change after exhausting himself by starring in four movies in 1984. Anthony Hopkins, who co-starred with him in "The Bounty," said at the time, "He's in danger of blowing it unless he takes care of himself." The magazine recalled his arrest for drunken driving while shooting "Mrs. Soffel" and that he looked miserable on camera when he was a presenter at the 1984 Academy Awards. "Yeah, I used to drink a lot of beer," he said. But, he said, "Your physical side runs down. So you just stop one day." He finally quit cold turkey because he said he realized it "just doesn't do you any good."