The $100 winner in last week's final installment of the Deseret News Football Picks Contest was Sheldon Pickering, Cedar City.

Pickering called 11 games correctly, missing only the Nebraska-Oklahoma game.Another entrant, Craig Mabey, Salt Lake City, also picked 11 right, and, like Pickering, missed the correct score of the BYU-Utah game by 22 points, but Pickering was declared the winner because he picked Utah over BYU.

Other runners-up were: Cathie Beardall, S.L.C.; Layne Schaugaard, Bennion; John Meredith, South Ogden; Steven Holfeltz Jr., Kearns; Kent Ballard, Bennion; Bryant Blanchard, Sandy; Joe Rail, Midway; David Jespersen, Layton; and Jeremy Ashton, S.L.C.

The distribution of entrants and correct picks was: 11-9; 10-45; 9-134; 8-225; 7-177; 6-114; 5-42; 4-22; 3-4; 2-2; 1-0; 0-1.