County officials are looking with renewed interest at a proposal to build a road in the southern part of the county to link I-15 and U-257, now that a rocket-fuel company is considering moving into the state.

County Commissioner Mike Styler said the idea also has taken on more merit with Crystal Peak Minerals building a mineral-extraction plant at the south end of the Sevier Dry Lake, creating up to 200 jobs.But even more interest in the project has come with competition between Millard and other counties to get a Kerr-McGee plant.

Kerr-McGee produces a chemical used in rocket fuel, similar to that manufactured by PEPCON, which recently relocated from Nevada to Utah.

The chemical, ammonium perchlorate, is an oxidizer, an important part of the fuel. Pepcon recently moved to Iron County from Henderson, Nev., after a fatal May explosion destroyed their plant.