More than 60 people have applied for outgoing University of Idaho President Richard Gibb's job, including the school's dean of agriculture.

Gibb, who was hired for the job in 1977, plans to return to teaching next spring.Dean of Agriculture Larry Branen confirmed he is a candidate for the university presidency.

"As a native of Idaho and a graduate of the U. of I., I have a sincere interest in what happens in higher education in Idaho," he said.

Besides Branen, former Idaho State University president and Oregon chancellor William "Bud" Davis and former U. of I. Academics Affairs Vice President Robert Furgason are among those rumored to have applied for the job. Davis confirmed he is a candidate.

An executive screening committee consisting of state Regent Roberta Fields, the board's Executive Director Rayburn Barton, U. of I. Academic Vice President Thomas Bell and U. of I. Faculty Council Chairman Peter Haggart were to give the applications an initial screening, eliminating those that do not meet the basic qualifications for the job.

The remaining applications will be divided among four subcommittees, whose members will evaluate them and return results to the entire panel.

The group expects to name 20 semifinalists in December and then narrow the field to about six finalists.