Fishlake National Forest Supervisor J. Kent Taylor has approved a request by the Utah Department of Public Safety for a forest site on which to construct and house solar-powered radio equipment and a tower.

Safety Department officials said many miles of I-70 in Salina Canyon, Sevier County, have inadequate radio coverage for emergency services and law enforcement needs. The proposed radio equipment is expected to provide the needed coverage."Experience with electronic facilities on the forest indicate there will be no significant environmental impacts from the project," Taylor said. The use is also compatible with the forest management plan.

Environmental effects of the project were analyzed by a team composed of a soils scientist, a landscape architect and an archaeologist. They concluded there are no threatened or endangered plants or animals in the project area and that no cultural resources will be impacted. Therefore, a formal environmental assessment document won't be necessary.

Taylor said the building and tower will be designed and constructed to blend with the environment.