To the editor:

Earlier this year, when I was going over my 1987 cancelled checks for income tax time, I discovered that I had unwittingly contributed more than once to several charities - solicitors, beggars or whatever you like to call them.I resolved to do two things for 1988: keep a log of payments made to charities so I would not make more than one payment to any one; and to keep all the requests for contributions I received.

The latter proved quite interesting. To date this year, just coming into the heavy pre-holiday fund appeal time, I have received nearly 50 letters asking me to contribute to various causes. A listing of those letters is interesting.

I have received seven from the March of Dimes, six from the American Heart Association, six from the American Lung Association of Utah, six from Utah Easter Seal Society, three from the American Cancer Society, and three each from the Disabled American Veterans and the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

I am convinced that most of these organizations deliberately "bill" you several times a year on the assumption that you will unwittingly make several contributions.

I will go over my list late this year and contribute only once, and only to those organizations that I wish to help.

Lavor Chaffin