Future International, a supplier of computer display stations based in Pleasanton, Calif., said it has signed agreements to purchase rights to Beehive International's current and development technology.

Future will also buy rights to manage the Salt Lake computer firm's current backlog of customer orders.Key elements of the agreements include retaining the services of some Beehive employees worldwide to support the transition customers and technology. Beehive has been in Chapter 11 bankrupcty reorganization.

Future said the combined technologies, customer base and industry expertise will produce a company "that will be recognized as the leading OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier in our industry sector worldwide."

As part of its strategy to develop terminal and workstation products which attach to industry compatible networks, Future said it will consolidate the Salt Lake operations. The firm's engineering center in Croydon, England, will increase its focus on the development of network processors and processing terminals.

The agreements provide Beehive customers with ongoing service and product supply through Future.

The technology purchase includes the rights to all of Beehive's current COAX products in manufacture, as well as exclusive rights to complete and commercialize two products under development.

To assist in the transition of technology and customers, and to continue the development of the product line, Future has employed the core staff of Beehive's industry professionals worldwide. They will assist in supporting existing Beehive technology and in completing key developments projects now underway.