The operator of auto dealerships in Casper and Rock Springs, Wyo., and Tooele, Utah, was fined $5,500 after pleading guilty to false advertising charges filed in connection with the sale of 11 vehicles between December 1984 and May 1985, according to the state attorney general's office.

In a news release, the office said Anselmi, who pleaded guilty to the charges last Wednesday, was fined $500 on each of the 11 charges.According to the news release, the vehicles involved had been advertised as "Brass Hat Specials," cars driven only by General Motors executives.

"In fact, none of the 11 cars were previously owned or driven by General Motors executives," the release said.

Six of the vehicles had been returned to General Motors because their owners were dissatisfied with them, the release said, and three were owned by GMAC but had been leased to a car-rental company.