Salt Lake-based Automated Language Processing Systems, doing business as ALPNET, announced a 700 percent increase in revenues for the third quarter ended Sept. 30 over the same period last year.

ALPNET reported revenues of $6.1 million for the quarter, compared to $762,000 in the same period last year, and an after tax profit for the quarter of $138,000, or 2 cents per share compared with a loss in third quarter 1987 of $1.43 million, or 22 cents per share.The company said the $5.3 million increase in revenues and related profitability resulted primarily from ALPNET's acquisition of several translation services companies, including: W-D Haehl GmbH, West Germany; Interdoc SARL, France; Multiscript International Inc., Canada; and InterlinguaTTI Group Ltd., United Kingdom, Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In October 1988, Multiscript acquired the Montreal operations of LaLangagerie Inc. to form the largest translation services company in Canada. ALPNET also has offices in the United States and Switzerland. Combined, these companies, with 450 employees, perform translation services and develop computer software.