The City Council here recently approved spending $5,300 to replace a dog for the Clearfield Police Department.

The money is being used to buy a new dog because the department's narcotics dog, Bosco, was killed in the early morning hours last summer when he was struck by a truck.Officer Mike Stenquist, the dog's handler, said Bosco was about 6 years old, and the dog had been with the department for about four years when he was killed.

"It broke my heart," Stenquist said Monday of his dog's death. "I really hated to see it happen."

Bosco was brought in to help police with narcotics investigations.

The morning he was killed, Bosco had just finished an assignment searching a building which had an open door, Stenquist said. After the building was searched, Bosco was allowed to get off his leash in order to unwind.

That's when tragedy struck about 4 a.m. and Bosco ran into the street and he was hit.

Lt. Steve Hill said letting a police dog off a leash after an assignment is common practice during training and duty.