Utah State University presented its "Special Centennial Recognition" to eight people Monday.

William F. Lye, centennial chairman, said those to be honored will include Lt. Col. James Michael Bankhead, Washington, D.C., commander/conductor of the U.S. Air Force Band; Terrel H. Bell, Salt Lake City, former U.S. education secretary; Mary L. Cleave, Houston, Texas, a NASA astronaut; Wilford R. Gardner, Berkeley, Calif., dean, College of Natural Resources, University of California; Richard H. Headlee, Farmington Hills, Mich., president, Alexander Hamilton Life Insurance; K. Philip Hwang, Los Altos, Calif., founder and chairman, TeleVideo Systems Inc.; Donald B. Olsen, Salt Lake City, director, Institute for Biomedical Engineering and the Artificial Heart Research Laboratory, University of Utah; and the late C.E. Peterson, a research horticulturist at the University of Wisconsin prior to his recent death.Bankhead received his bachelor of music degree at USU in 1969. He became commander of the Air Force Band in 1985 and has conducted the group in concert throughout the United States and Europe.

Bell taught educational administration at USU, was Utah superintendent of public instruction for Utah, U.S. commissioner of education and commissioner of higher education for Utah.

Cleave obtained a doctorate in civil and environmental engineering at USU in 1979, was a mission specialist on a space shuttle flight in 1985 and has recently been assigned to a shuttle crew to fly in April 1989.

Gardner graduated from USU in 1949, was a professor at the University of Wisconsin, served as department head at the University of Arizona, and last year became dean at Berkeley. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Headlee, a 1953 USU graduate, was national Jaycees president in 1963, was the Republican nominee for governor of Michigan in 1982 and is a former member of the district advisory board of the Small Business Administration.

Hwang graduated from USU in electrical engineering in 1968. Later, with $9,000 in family savings, he started his company, TeleVideo Systems, which is now a major force in the microcomputer market.

Olsen, a 1952 USU graduate, received his doctor of veterinary medicine degree at Colorado State University. He joined the cardiovascular research team at the University of Utah, where he helped develop the artificial heart and techniques for implantation.

Peterson, a 1938 USU graduate, developed some of the nation's top vegetable varieties.