A Midvale football fan will be a guest of the Deseret News to the Freedom Bowl in Anaheim, Calif., as grand prize winner in the weekly grid picks contest.

Kip Sperry, a two-time winner during the 10-week contest, receives the prize of a trip for two to the Brigham Young University-Colorado bowl game on Dec. 29. Sperry was one of five contestants to be among the weekly winners more than once but the only one to be on top twice. Each week's contest selects a top winner and 10 runners-up.The grand prize winner received one point for each game correctly predicted during the season plus one bonus point when the weekly winner. Sperry correctly predicted 12 games on Oct. 24 and returned the next week, Oct. 31, with 11, missing the Washington State-UCLA game.

Winning twice during the season, Sperry received a total of 25 points.

The other two-time winners and their points were Trent Allen, West Valley City, 23; Betty Clark, Alpine, 21; Kent Ballard, Bennion, 21; Michael Nelson, Murray, 21, and Hannah Ballard, Murray, 20.

Sperry, who received his bachelor's and master's degrees from BYU, wasn't always as accurate in the weekly contest. "I missed four last week," he said, including the BYU-Utah game.

A three-year veteran of the U.S. Army, he is employed at the LDS Church Family History Library and is a council member of the National Genealogical Society, a 10,000-member organization with headquarters in Arlington, Va.