Macho actor Sylvester Stallone is putting his Los Angeles freeway cruiser, a custom Chevy that doubles as an armored personnel carrier, up for auction now that threats to his life have decreased.

Because some of his "Rocky" and "Rambo" films have depicted what many felt was anti-Soviet propaganda, threats to Hollywood's No. 1 muscle-flexing star prompted Sly to order a fully armored, attack-resistant 1987 Chevrolet Suburban.Now that the threats have backed off, Stallone is commissioning a new Suburban with lighter armor and is putting the '87 Suburban up on the block at Rick Cole's Newport Beach Collector Car Auction, scheduled for Nov. 26-27 at the Newporter Resort Hotel.

In addition to being fully armored, the Suburban, which was used by Stallone for personal transportation, features a 454-cubic-inch fuel-injected engine, bullet-resistant glass, specially modified suspension, as well as a computerized Etak navigation system, special exhaust, special wheels and tires, Halogen headlights, a front-push bumper, public address system, police alarm and a high/low horn.

Other more comfort-oriented features include a telephone, television, VCR, compact-disc player, dual air-conditioning and interior spotlights.