Populist leader Benazir Bhutto accused her right-wing rivals of corruption, blackmail and trying to subvert the will of the people by delaying her appointment as prime minister.

Bhutto's populist Pakistan People's Party won 93 seats in the 237-seat National Assembly in the Nov. 16 election. The nine-party Islamic Democratic Alliance, which includes supporters of the late President Mohammed Zia ul-Haq won 55.She said Wednesday that a crisis may result if President Ghulam Ishaq Khan does not choose her as prime minister.

After a two-hour meeting Tuesday with Ishaq Khan, she quoted him as saying he would make his choice after the National Assembly chooses a speaker Dec. 5, indicating which party had the most support.

Bhutto declared that "even a single day is too long" to wait. She claims to have enough support in smaller parties to form a majority coalition, but has offered no evidence of such alliances.

"As soon as we're called upon to form the government we will present proof of our majority," Bhutto said.