A large amount of quality firewood is available on a new chaining project in the Richfield District of the Bureau of Land Management.

Firewood permits will be required. They will be issued for personal use from the Deer Peak chaining project. The area is along the new Fremont Junction road, about 24 miles east of Salina, Sevier County.The BLM has placed a limit of five cords of wood per permit, said Rod Lister, area resource manager. The area is visible from the road but signing is also provided.

Lister emphasized that harvesting activities will be restricted to the chained areas. Cutting of green trees is not allowed.

Harvesting will be authorized only through February. The area will then be closed until September, 1989, to allow for rehabilitation.

Permits may be obtained at the Richfield District office for $5 per cord with a minimum of $10.

Meanwhile, the BLM is also making family Christmas tree permits available now.

Permits for pinyon Christmas trees are being sold at $5 per tree at resource offices in Hanksville, Fillmore and Richfield.

Commercial permits will be issued only for the Henry Mountain Resource Area. Only 200 family permits will be available on the House Range Resource Area and sales will be limited to 100 on the Warm Springs area. Trees will be sold throughout the entire area on the Sevier River and Henry Mountain resource areas.