It's definitely a strange year in politics. What happened in the Republican governor's race has also happened in a state Senate race a supporter challenged the incumbent, thought better of it and is now dropping out to become a supporter again.

Deputy Salt Lake County Assessor Brent Overson, a Republican, filed Friday to run against Sen. Stephen Rees, R-West Valley, in District 6. But Overson has withdrawn from the race after only two days in it.Rees was promoted to the state Senate from the House after Overson resigned his Senate seat and took the county job in 1986. Overson said he filed Friday "because I was concerned about Steve's commitment to running, to earning the seat."

Overson was Rees' honorary campaign chairman, but said he wanted to do something to shock Rees into action. "I think it worked. He's committed to the race, he's talking to constituents and I'm withdrawing." Overson will support Rees again, work for his election and again be his campaign chairman.

Rees faces a tough race in former West Jordan Mayor Dennis Randall, a Democrat. "I'm committed. Brent should have known that. He was helping me organize."