University of Utah Assistant Athletic Director Ned Alger says security at the Utah-BYU game last Saturday probably wasn't sufficient to stop the tearing down of the goalposts, even if they had tried.

Alger said the two aluminum goalposts have been in Rice Stadium since 1971 and cost around $1,250 each when purchased. He estimated they would go for around $2,500 each nowadays.Crazed fans stormed the end zones at Rice Stadium after Utah's 57-28 rout of BYU and took 20 or 25 minutes to pull them down. Several minor injuries resulted.

"When things like that happen, you worry about someone getting hurt," said Alger. He said with the security staff's responsibilities with traffic control and crowd control, "we probably didn't have enough security to stop (the goalposts from being taken down).

"I'm not sure there wouldn't have been more accidents if we had tried to stop it," he said.