The business exchange of the Women in Business Committee of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is usually where business people exchange cards to increase their sales and obtain ideas from other business owners.

But this year's event at the Salt Lake Hilton attracted Earl Stevens, district manager of Farmers Insurance Group, who wasn't selling insurance but recruiting agents.Stevens said he realized most of the people exhibiting their products and services or those attending the exchange owned their own business and weren't interested in selling insurance, but he hopes they know people interested in the career.

Another exhibitor at the exchange was Laura Headden, vice president of First Security Bank of Utah, who said the event is a good chance for her to show how the bank can help large and small business. She said it's good to meet people, even if they already are bank customers, and see if they have any problems.

Headden said it's a chance to meet a diversified group of people she ordinarily wouldn't meet and in a relaxed atmosphere different from the hustle and bustle of the ordinary business day.

Also exhibiting her wares was Elaine Aden-Raines, account executive for Jack Nadel Inc., a company selling items like pens, visors, cups and bags with company names affixed as subtle advertising.

Aden-Raines said the business exchange is valuable for her company because many people she contacts are unaware where this type of merchandise is available. She also uses the opportunity to talk to people dissatisfied with competitors' products or service, with the intent of making them her customers.