A Utah federal judge Tuesday placed a Massachusetts man on five years of probation after his guilty plea to one count of bank fraud in a scheme to defraud a Provo bank of nearly $15,000.

Judge Aldon Anderson told Paul Pussanghera, 40, Boston, that he will be placed on probation once he is paroled from a federal prison in February 1989 on another fraud conviction in Massachusetts.In addition, Anderson ordered Pussanghera to pay restitution to Central Bank and Trust in Provo.

The defendant last month admitted opening an account at the bank under an alias on Feb. 13, 1985, and then depositing three checks totaling $17,680 within seven days.

But, before the bank found out the last two checks were bad, Pussanghera withdrew $14,830.75 from the account, prosecutors said.

One of the checks was written on a closed account with a Nevada savings and loan; the other was from co-defendant Marsha Garhrett, who has not been apprehended.