A man San Diego authorities have sought for six years on a murder warrant is being held in the Salt Lake County Jail after being stopped for a traffic violation.

Pedro Gonzales Caldera, 26, is being held without bail and was charged in 3rd Circuit Court Tuesday with being a fugitive from justice.Greg Wathen, a Midvale Police patrol officer, stopped Caldera Saturday night near 72nd South and First West for a traffic violation and discovered through a law enforcement computer network that Caldera's name was an alias used by Eliseo Caldera Ramirez, who is wanted by the San Diego County Marshal's Office, said Midvale Police Captain Dan Pearson.

Caldera had been living with his brother in Midvale and held a job at a local restaurant.

San Diego officials plan to extradite Caldera on a murder warrant, an extradition officer for the marshal's office said. He is also wanted on a related charge of "committing or attempting a felony with the use of a firearm or deadly weapon."