Newton C. Estes, who once punched a U.S. Supreme Court justice to protest pornography, has been bound over for trial on felony charges of aggravated sexual abuse and showing harmful material to a child.

Estes, 62, Kaysville, was bound over for trial in 2nd District Court following a hearing Monday before 4th Circuit Judge K. Roger Bean.The charges, filed in Jan. 25, involve an 11-year-old girl who worked as a housekeeper at the Estes home.

Estes recently wrote asking Bean to drop the charges because news coverage of his previous and current court involvement was damaging his ability to make a living in Utah. He asked the charges be dropped so he could sell his house and move out of the state.

The judge said it is not appropriate for him to be involved in negotiations of this type.

Estes was fined $500 and sentenced to 10 days in jail and two years probation after he punched Justice Byron R. White three times during a Utah State Bar convention in Salt Lake City on July 15, 1982. White suffered a minor abrasion of the cheek.

Estes said the attack was to protest court rulings on pornography and school busing. "He's causing four-letter words to come into my living room through the TV set. The only way I know how to stop it is to go to the source," he told reporters at the time.