Judges ruled Wednesday that the body of Greek heiress Christina Onassis can be taken out of the country even though it has not been determined whether she died of natural causes, a news agency said.

The judges gave final authorization after Interior Minister Enrique Nosiglia said delaying the process might cause diplomatic problems, the private news agency Diarios y Noticias reported.The body of Onassis was expected to be flown Wednesday to Switzerland and then on to Greece for burial on the island of Skorpios in the Ionian Sea, said Gennadios Chrysoulakis, bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church, where Onassis' body has lain since her sudden death Saturday at age 37.

A preliminary coroner's report said the cause of death was acute pulmonary edema, or buildup of fluid in her lungs. It did not say what caused the accumulation of fluid.