As far as Texas A&M's Board of Regents is concerned, the most recent statements by former Aggie running back George Smith leave no reason to take any action against Coach Jackie Sherrill.

The chairman of the Board of Regents, David G. Eller, said Sunday that he believes Smith, who insisted in a weekend news conference that he made up allegations of NCAA rules violations involving Sherrill."Of course it sounds self-serving for me to believe it," Eller said, adding that as a result of Smith's most recent statements, there appears to be no reason to take action against Sherrill.

A&M regents were on campus for meetings Sunday and today, and although the matter wasn't on the agenda. Eller said he spoke for the board when he said he expected nothing further to develop.

Sherrill had refused comment on the controversy Friday, after the allegations surfaced in a copyright story by The Dallas Morning News. But he said Sunday he would be coaching the Aggies in practice this week and against the University of Texas on Thanksgiving Night in A&M's last game of the season.

"You guys are going to get awful tired of me," Sherrill said Sunday, emphasizing he won't quit because of Smith's allegations.

Sherrill said he expects the case to be cleared up shortly. "It looks like it was done pretty well yesterday," Sherrill said, referring to Smith's recantation.

However, the Morning News reported today that it was told by a Texas A&M source that NCAA investigators could arrive at the school as early as today to look into the latest allegations.

Smith was flown at A&M expense from Atlanta to College Station to appear at a press conference Saturday night at which he recanted allegations he made in taped interviews with Morning News reporter Doug Bedell.

Smith said in the taped interviews that during his two years at Texas A&M from 1982-84, before he transferred to Clemson, Sherrill gave him money regularly, whenever he asked for it, and was aware that a booster paid $100 apiece for Smith's tickets to A&M home games.

But during the press conference, Smith recanted on all of those claims, saying he fabricated the stories because he thought it would help sell a proposed book Bedell planned to write.

Sherrill said Sunday that he didn't bother denying the claims by Smith in the Morning News article because it would only lend credibility to the story. He said he considers it a matter between Smith and Bedell, who wrote the Morning News story.