Staff members, agencies and volunteers of the United Way of the Great Salt Lake Area gathered Monday evening in Trolley Square for a "campaign finale and community celebration."

Although the campaign has only collected 55 percent of its $5,031,195 goal, workers project that $4,923,052 or 97.9 percent of the goal will be collected before the victory party Feb. 16. That amount represents a 9.8 percent increase over last year's total.Ross E. Kendell, campaign chairman and president and chief operating officer of Key Bank, and his campaign cabinet estimated results for each division:

Wendell Smoot, president of Smoot, Miller, Cheney and Co., said the Golden Spike donations (those of $1,000 or more) now total $181,968. Those totals are included in other categories as well but were reported separately.

Kendell said the direct-division is expected to reach 118 percent of its $319,500 goal. The professional division, under the guidance of A. Jay Smith, expects to bring in 93.8 percent of its $176,000 goal.

Maj. Gen. John Matthews, adjutant general of the Utah National Guard, and his public-service division expects to bring in 84.9 percent of that division's $655,195 goal. The geographic division, new this year, projects 91.4 percent of its $695,000 goal, said James Herbster, administrative vice president of Northwest Pipeline Corp.

The final group, Major Firms, expects to exceed its $3,185,500 goal, said John Wade, manager of United Parcel Service.

The fund-raising effort will end in February when the final totals are available and the results are announced at a victory celebration. Then the work of allocating the money begins as volunteer citizen review panels pore over the requests from 58 local health and human-care agencies to determine how much money each of the 115 applicant agencies will receive.

The panels determine allocations after examining each program's financial records, as well as the program's effectiveness.

Programs are grouped under headings of economically disadvantaged, physically ill, emotionally troubled, youth character development and guidance and universal programs like information and referral. The allocations will be announced about June 1.