After a heroic tussle involving a crane and about 15 men, the State Capitol Christmas tree was pulled through the front door of the building Tuesday and hoisted onto a stand in the Rotunda. But before the feat was accomplished, perplexed workers took a breather to figure out the logistics of getting the tree through the door. Now that the tree is finally in place, it will be decorated and lighted in a ceremony Dec. 5, state officials said. The tree, which once graced the yard of a Salt Lake residence, measures about 28 feet tall and about 20 feet wide, slightly smaller than last year's tree. Don Dana, Capitol maintenance manager, said the tree would drink about 30 gallons of water its first day in the building and about 10 gallons each day after that. "We had about 30 people offer to donate trees this year," Dana said. "This was the one with the best size and shape." While pulling the tree through the doors was no small task, taking it down is much easier. "We just cut it into pieces," Dana said.