The Toronto Blue Jays have offered Boston Red Sox ace Bruce Hurst a reported $4.7 million over three years for the free agent to switch teams, according to a report published today.

The Boston Globe quoted an unnamed source in the Blue Jays front office as saying that the team was anxious to pick up the left-hander even though the Jays passed up the opportunity to get Hurst for much less money four years ago.The $4.7 million offer matches what the Red Sox reportedly offered Hurst last month before his agent, Nick Lampros, urged Hurst to test the free-agent market.

Although the Blue Jays matched the Red Sox offer, translating the contract into Canadian dollars would mean Hurst would actually be making substantially less for Toronto, the Globe reported. Like the offer made by the Red Sox, the first two years of the proposed contract would be guaranteed. The third year would be optional.

Red Sox General Manager Lou Gorman told the Globe, after speaking with Lampros Monday, "I still think we stand an excellent chance of signing Bruce. He's got a home in the Boston area here; his family is here now; his kids are in school here."

The San Diego Padres have offered Hurst $4.9 million over three years with the third year guaranteed.

Hurst's agent is based in San Jose, Cal., and Hurst, 30, flew out to meet Lampros Monday on a trip that would include a stop in San Diego to discuss the Padres offer.