University of Maryland Terrapin mascot Scott Rudolph says his arm was broken in three places and dislocated during horseplay with the University of Virginia mascot in a weekend football game at Charlottesville, Va.

Rudolph, 21, said doctors had to remove about three-quarters of an inch of bone that was shattered Saturday. He may not regain full use of the arm, he said. His doctor said he suffered nerve damage to his left hand.Rudolph said the horseplay began at about the 15-yard line, when a band member circled him and wrestled him to the ground. Then pep band members pinned his arms and legs to the ground while others piled on.

He suffered no injuries up to that point. However, when they released him, Rudolph got up and grabbed at the Virginia mascot, Cavalier Chris Dey, who was the only one left near him.

"I grabbed his shoulders and he grabbed mine," Rudolph said. After Dey whipped him to the ground, Rudolph landed on his elbow and then, "I heard everything snap and pop," he said.

Rudolph expects to be released from the hospital Tuesday or Wednesday.

He said there was "no excuse" for the scuffle, and he hopes it will prevent something similar from happening to someone else. People forget there is a person inside the mascot's costume, Rudolph said.

The Maryland mascot appears as a terrapin, with a turtle-like head and a dark and light brown shell. The Virginia Cavalier wears a long orange and blue tunic, topped with a plumed hat.

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